Sunday, March 19, 2017

Baptism 8 is Great!

 We would like to thank everyone that was able to attend Hayden's baptism. We are grateful for those family members that traveled to attend on the special birthday baptism and celebration day.  During the Lake Travis state football championship parade Hayden apparently told many of the team players that he would be baptized, so we were sure to make the invitation to include anyone that wanted to attend.  Hayden has lived his entire life in Lakeway and we have been blessed by many in the community.  We tried to cast our net wide to include all our friends and family.  In case we left you out or you had other events or obligations, we have a few pictures of the day we would like to share with you.

 A few simple things about the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints beliefs regarding baptism:

1:   You have to be eight years old at minimum as we believe that is the general age for accountability to understand right from wrong. We do not believe in infant baptism.

2:  We believe in being baptized by immersion. Complete immersion in the water is difficult for Hayden with his breath support. He wanted to have the experience and practiced in our hot tub.  He did great and had assistance from his Dad and Grandfather, Pappy.

3:  Another thing that sets us apart, is that we believe you must have the power and authority of the Aaronic priesthood to perform the baptism as John the Baptist did for Jesus.

4:  Hayden also received the confirmation of the Holy Ghost to be with him as a constant companion.  We believe this is in an addition to knowing right from wrong more than the Light of Christ that we believe all people have.

You can learn more about our beliefs of baptism at: The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints a.k.a. the Mormons

We joined Hayden for School lunch to celebrate his birthday and give hugs and kisses.
Hayden once again has a fantastic class.  He felt like a king on his birthday.

Hanna and I were also excited that we got baby Hope Hanna to visit our house for a few days from Utah with my brother John.

I don't think I have ever seen a baby love her Daddy as much as this little girl.  She didn't want anyone else.

We had to pull her away to steal pictures with Hope.

Pappy, Uncle John & baby Hope and Gaga all celebrated his birthday dinner at the Oasis on Lake Travis

The Saturday following his birthday was his baptism.
We sent this to as many e-mail addresses as we could find to include.  Ultimately, we put it on Facebook.

I prepared a few treats following the baptism for Hayden and friends.  Some of his favorite things are chocolate and ice-cream.  I had chocolate donuts in the shape of 8s and cake and root beer floats.

Nurse Neal and his son Willie also attended for his special day.

We are so thankful for this special picture of our family who traveled from Montana, Utah and South Carolina to be with us.

Hayden has always loved the ladies and these are some of our favorite!

Not only does he like the older ladies, there are many 2nd graders on his radar too.

Everyone wears white when entering the baptism font.  Hayden was being brave to go in, but he really was excited.

He was THRILLED by the kindness of the "football boys" as he calls them to take time out of their Saturday to come to his baptism.  Hayden will be following them in their college football careers.  Looks like our DVR will be busy.  It made his parents and grandparents tear up for sure.  It has been a very special year for him with all their attention, love and support.

The boys were thrilled to teach Pappy just how cool their games were and we were thrilled he made the trip.

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