Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Permobil Power chair Koala & SNAP swim therapy

I uploaded these in fast/low resolution.

We celebrate all our kids first mobility movements, rolling, sitting up, crawling...Hayden's mobility first happens to be driving without a permit!  Check out his smile.  He was so happy to go over bumps.  

Hayden got this custom camouflage colored wheelchair.  That way you notice him and not his wheelchair.  They don't make invisible just yet:).  It is such a joy to see him become more independent. This 350lb chair with a 3 yr old driving is like having a bulldozer in your home.  That is why we are practicing in the drive way.

We started the process last year in anticipation for this coming into our home and vehicle.  It really changes the family "normal".  I once cried at the thought of getting a wheelchair and now we are so very happy for the independence it is going to give my super cute boy.

One of Hayden's 5 daily/weekly therapies is swimming.  SNAP stands for special needs aquadic therapy.  Hayden was unable to relax or hold & control his breath.  Look at his progress since he started just a month ago.  He now kicks his legs with them stretched out and closes his mouth.  The added bonus at the YMCA is that Hanna can enjoy swimming too.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wheelchair and HKAFOs

Some of you mothers and fathers know what I am talking about when I make this post...

6 therapies a week, full time private special needs school, lots of fancy custom expensive equipment, but seeing your 3.5 year old stand by himself for the first time...PRICELESS!
 First time standing up in HKAFOs (hip, knee, ankle, foot orthotics) not a problem and loved it.
These beauties cost north of $7,000.  
Thankfully our private insurance pays a portion for new every 6 months, while Medicaid picks up the tab.  Say what you want about government entitlement programs, for us Medicaid has been a God send.  

We would not be able to afford most of what it takes to help give Hayden the chance at a full life.  We are so thankful to all of you paying your taxes so that we can afford to provide for him.  Here is some of what your tax $ in Texas goes to.  
OK, I'll get off my soap box now.   I feel better about that PSA. 
How cute is that diaper tushy?!
 Second time got a little scared but here is how he looks.
 Hayden has had his new wheelchair for over a month now.  You don't even want to know what this cost.  It took 8 months before we got it in.  I am learning patience as everything of value is worth it.
 Hayden for the first time is learning independent mobility.

 Hayden playing serious with catch.  We continue to work on co-ordination.

Hayden turns 3! Carnival party

 This year we invited all of Hayden's Rise school class and a few other long time friends to our back yard Carnival.  We were blessed to have a nice warm Saturday in February.  Mom was a gypsy and dad was a clown
Scott was the best grilling clown around.
 2 of Hayden's buddies with Spina Bifida came to help celebrate.  Hayden's BFF Josiah came and shared gold fish & Savannah had a good time running around.
Silly Sparkels provided magic and face painting for all the kids.
Hayden became Batman & Hanna was a butterfly.
There were many games for all abilities to participate.  Above was the prize table with many prizes based on the # of tickets.  Cotton candy, circus cookies, necklaces, bubbles, candy, rubik's cubes and cars.  Unfortunately we had no ticket keeper to be on prize patrol:)
Treats were plentiful with carnival soda, apple juice, mint & lemon water, mini caramel apple bites, lolly pops, gold fish, swedish fish in blue jello, funfetti cake batter chex mix, hamburgers and hot dogs.
The popcorn machine and cotton candy was great fun.
Hand painted marshmallow popcorn cupcakes were the treat along with Hayden's BFFs mom, Angie's, custom carnival cookies.  She made a couple dozen and they were gone in a flash.  They sure looked cute!  Wish I had eaten one.

All abilities games:
Lion Tamer Photo booth in the big top tent (set up and lent by a dear friend)
Bean bag toss & ping pong toss
Lots and lots of bubbles...

playscape for pirates & flying trapeze 
Magic clown & pony rides
All of this was photographed by the lovely Gaga aka Grandma Mary Hanna who wasn't in any of the pictures but helped document this wonderful day for us.  We were also blessed to be able to freely host it as Hayden's respite nurse Christy (who moved to AZ) provided us with being Hayden's transporter.

Hayden loves all things that go!  Fire trucks, school buses, trains, tractors, cars.  He loved ALL his presents and they were all very thoughtful.

This last picture wasn't taken at his birthday party but at a friends.  My friend Michelle is the best face painter I have ever seen.  Just had to include it.