Monday, May 4, 2015

A "CURE" for Spina Bifida = Stem Cells + fetal surgery

You can read the full article here:  stem cells + fetal surgery

This interview has me invigorated and moved to tears for many reasons. Some days I hate to see Hayden's little body struggle with illnesses and get frustrated and use the word can't. People with Spina Bifida are just like the rest of us, they just have more to endure and do it with greater grace. As a parent, my job is to never quit trying to make my kids' lives the best they can be.
Dr. Farmer is one of the doctors we met with when we went to San Fransico for the MOMs study for in-utero surgery before Hayden was born. We were fearful and told not to do it because it was too risky....but we prayed and went forward knowing it was Gods will for us to go on that journey. It was just a study then and now it has proven to be beneficial (not a cure) and is practiced in several well established children's hospitals across the country.
Last summer we went to Mexico for Stem Cell surgery. For years I was discouraged by many doctors that cared for Hayden and by many various people that what we were doing was too risky...but we prayed and saved and made that journey too on faith.
This is the first notable US doctor saying that STEM CELLS WORK! The US is the last to market for those that are the most vulnerable and need the compassionate treatment. I am thankful for my network of families like Warrior Families Beating Spina Bifida Foundation that is working to get the treatment we want and get the FDA to stop holding it back. I tirelessly call & write doctors and try and meet researchers. In a country that believes in innovation and invention we need to let scientists work. We shouldn't have to go outside of the US to get this done. Enough waiting!