Saturday, November 9, 2013

Closing the health crisis chapter

It has felt like the time has come that we officially close Hayden's health crisis chapter.  Hayden had his last follow up to his tethered cord surgery with his neurosurgeon, Dr. George.  It went very well.  We didn't know quite how to thank him.  How do you thank a man who repeatedly saves your son's life?

Hayden hand wrote a thank you note and worked very hard on coloring.  Holding a pencil, marker or crayon is very difficult for Hayden.  Hayden is in special education to get him on educational track to where he will be able to be in class with his piers in Kindergarden.  He has learned how to mark a H with much assistance.  He only recently has learned how to pull off the cap on markers. He can not yet put the marker with the cap but has started to find joy knowing that he can make marks on paper.

We bought the doctor a pair of red boxing gloves.  We are not a boxing family but thought there was some symbolism in protecting a surgeons hands in a battle.  The carefully colored note read, thank you Dr. George for knocking out my tethered cord symptoms and giving me a fighting chance against Spina Bifida.

We have been overjoyed having our healthy, happy Hayden again.  Let these pictures show you how we have closed the health crisis chapter and are on our way to celebrating this Thanksgiving season.
 At Hayden's season ending game for the Cardinals... he is off waiving to all his fans.

 Hayden and his best buddy getting their season ending trophies for the Cardinals.  Hayden working hard at holding up one finger to show you he is number 1.  While his hat may be too big, his ears are working hard at holding it up.
 One of the amazing volunteer coaches & his life long best buddy.
 Hayden's buddy bringing him home & to the super cool exclusive non-parent dugout.
Oh yeah,he loves his cheering squad.

He even is back to loving therapy.  Here he is with his favorite PT, Gil, showing him how to use the force.  
Hayden is living an authentic life of pure love, humility, endurance and hope.  We are forever changed by this little boy and the special people and circumstances he has brought into our life.