Thursday, October 20, 2016

Lake Travis High School Honorary Football Captain Part I

This year Hayden was selected to be a part of CC4C & the Lake Travis Football team to be the honorary captain and participate in many events.

We really weren't sure what this would entail, but so far he has had the best time!  2nd grade, 7 years old, and he feels like a rockstar.  It also helps that he has an actual rock star as his champion athlete, CB Hudson, from the band Blue October.
 Getting ready for the homecoming parade with the varsity team as they make him front and center as the team works with CC4C, they select a child each year to champion.  The float was made from hours of work from volunteers and it is very appreciated as it touched our heart so dearly.

 Hayden's motto is "Always Be Brave".  

These boys have been super sweet to share the spotlight with Hayden.  They made sure his wheelchair didn't roll off the float:).
 Hanna videoing and looking out for candy.  Hayden calls them "my football boys"
 He was serious about throwing the candy.
 Gentlemen trying to help him off the float.
 Gentlemen athlete leading Hayden to the front to watch the cheerleaders and pep rally.

 Our last farewell saying goodbye to uncle Chase before he moves off to Denver.

 Our boys love Miss Lauren.
A great end of the night with the grandparents visiting from NM and a great big Texas football parade!  

Below are pictures of his first home game.  It was very exciting and overwhelming especially for my brave 7 year old!

The boys visiting the school.
Football boys visit the elementary
Heading out to the field.
In the helmet.
Garrett not sure about the mascot.
Getting to meet famous Alumni.
Having the pleasure of your 2nd grade teacher coming to cheer for Hayden.  The lovely, sweet Mrs. Bauer.

Super intimidated to lead the pack of players out on the noisy field.

The before and the next 12 years

Totally enjoying the spotlight.
The coin toss

His champion athlete for CC4C, CB Hudson, from the band Blue October.

Hanna having the best time with her friends in the stands.
Garrett liking his new company with CB's daughter.
Hayden making his family proud.

This is how we watch the game.

Sideline fun rides.
Flirting with the cheerleaders.
Playing with the coachs' kids.
Some of the nicest football jocks around.

All happy for Lake Travis football.
Ending the night with the Superintendent Dr. Lancaster.

We love our community and are grateful to all people that are making this such a great time for our whole family!